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 DK Dps recruitment

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PostSubject: DK Dps recruitment   Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:40 pm


Character Name: Xistence
Class: Death Knight
Race: Dranei (female)
Days played at lvl 80: Lots of playtime:P
Age ( Must be Master of your own bedtime. ): 21

Gear, Armory link will suffice:
Why did you pick this talent spec?: My Pve specc is the frost/blood specc and i chose it because this is 1 of the hardest speccs for pve in bossfights or Aoe the adds. i easally make 2500dps in a 25raid.
Why do you have your current professions?: these professions are for the future.. i use a 450 jewelcrafter on my alt to make me money..Wink


First-kill bosses and with what guilds - preTBC, TBC(especially SWP, pre or post-nerf): i cleared Onyxia, molten core and AQ25 and half of AQ40 pretbc.. then i quittet playing and i startet to play again when Wotlk came out. cleared Obs10/25 Voa10/25 Done all off Naxx10/25 except KT.
Classes you have raiding xp with: Deathknight, Mage, Warlock
Previous guilds and reason for leaving it: Dreamwalkers, Crusaders of northrend, thunderbiertjes and i left them all for the same reason.. they lack organisation and raids where cancled alot and i want to raid as much as possible.


Can you raid at 19:15-00:00 everyday? if not what days can't you raid and why?: yes i can.Smile
Will you bring Pots/Flasks/Food/Other with you to all raids?: Offcourse:P
Do you have Ventrilo 3.0.1 as it is guild requirement to be on it during raid times: yes.
Do have Deadlybossmods or Bigwigs installed ? i do.
What spec is your computer / internet speed? Rock solid..

For how long are you planning on playing this game? i hope blizzards keeps making new patches cause i wont stop playing:P
What is it that you want to achive? i want to be in a nice guild and help my guildies and myself to become even better and clear all raids.

Do you know anyone in the guild? Dágoth. (real-life) friend
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DK Dps recruitment
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