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 Askebringer - Protection warrior.

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PostSubject: Askebringer - Protection warrior.   Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:55 pm

Character Name: Askebringer
Class: warrior
Race: Human
Days played at lvl 80: 10 days, 6 hours.
Age ( Must be Master of your own bedtime. ): 17, almost 18.

Gear, Armory link will suffice:

Why did you pick this talent spec?:
Because I like tanking. I like to have some responsability for the raid will make good Smile

Why do you have your current professions?:
I used engineering in lv 70 to make epic gear. but Now i dont rly use it. its very expensive. I used skinning to get some fast gold when i dinged lv 80.

Cleared everything exept. Malygos 10/25. But i know tacts. Naxx 25 man i need 2 last bosses. But know tacts.

First-kill bosses and with what guilds - preTBC, TBC(especially SWP, pre or post-nerf):
I started playing when tbc came out. So done: Karazhan, magtheridons lair, gruuls lair, tempest keep.
Classes you have raiding xp with:
ofc warrior. Druid and death knight.
Previous guilds and reason for leaving it:
The royalguard, Revalation. We stopped raiding. And I want to raid 25 man everyweek.


Can you raid at 19:15-00:00 everyday? if not what days can't you raid and why?:
Will you bring Pots/Flasks/Food/Other with you to all raids?:
Ofc i will.
Do you have Ventrilo 3.0.1 as it is guild requirement to be on it during raid times: Yes.
Do have Deadlybossmods or Bigwigs installed ?
What spec is your computer / internet speed?
no lack. dont know the exact speed.

For how long are you planning on playing this game?
Untill there is no WoW anymore..

What is it that you want to achive?
Have fun, get some good gear, get ready for ulduar.

Do you know anyone in the guild? Yea I know " Hvalen". He asked me to join Smile

Atm i'm on another server " Thunderhorn" but if I get spot in guild, i'll change server.
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Askebringer - Protection warrior.
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