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 Umbrago / Resto shaman apply

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PostSubject: Umbrago / Resto shaman apply   Tue Apr 07, 2009 4:28 am

Character Name: Umbrago
Days played at lvl 80: 14 days
Age ( Must be Master of your own bedtime. ): 14.

Gear, Armory link will suffice:
Why did you pick this talent spec?: I like it Smile Im having fun playing Resto spec ^^.
Why do you have your current professions?: I have Alchemy/herbalism. I use it to make potions/elixirs for raiding

In wotlk: naxx 10 done, almost whole 25 man naxx, voa/sarth ofc. Havent done malygos, but i've seen alot of Guides/videos, so i know the most of it.
First-kill bosses and with what guilds - preTBC, TBC(especially SWP, pre or post-nerf): Done karazhan and stuff like that. Actually i didnt raid that much in tbc
Classes you have raiding xp with: My death knight and rogue have done a few raids. Im Always raiding on my shammy Smile
Previous guilds and reason for leaving it:
Cba, The guild is actually very nice. BUt they are only raiding sunday, and i want some more raids than just sunday ^^

Can you raid at 19:15-00:00 everyday? if not what days can't you raid and why?: I can raid Monday-Thursday 19-22. and friday 19-24. Saturday/sunday i can raid a bit also.
Will you bring Pots/Flasks/Food/Other with you to all raids?: Yes ofc i will
Do you have Ventrilo 3.0.1 as it is guild requirement to be on it during raid times: Yep
Do have Deadlybossmods or Bigwigs installed ? Yes
What spec is your computer / internet speed? My fps is like 25/30 all the time. I dont have any problems with internet. Im not lagging Smile

For how long are you planning on playing this game? For a very long time Smile i love playing wow Smile
What is it that you want to achive? I've had the same gear for a long time. I want to get some gear from the bosses in 25 man naxx and maly

Do you know anyone in the guild? Yes i do. Roflmaoaos, he's one of my best in real life friends Smile
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Umbrago / Resto shaman apply
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