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 a combat rogue want to rejoin

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PostSubject: a combat rogue want to rejoin   Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:37 pm


Character Name: Tonnic.
Class: Rogue.
Race: Night Elf.
Days played at lvl 80: 7 days, 8 hours, 16 min, 41 sec.
Age ( Must be Master of your own bedtime. ): I am 18 years old.

Gear, Armory link will suffice:
Why did you pick this talent spec?: Because I think it is the best spec for PvE, and I am better at it.
Why do you have your current professions?: Because so I can earn some money. I have changed profession 4 times now, but I am sticking to these this time.


First-kill bosses and with what guilds - preTBC, TBC(especially SWP, pre or post-nerf): I have done, Gruul's Lair and Karazhan
Classes you have raiding xp with: I have played rogue for many years now and I am starting a night elf druid.
Previous guilds and reason for leaving it: I was in Forgotten Gladiators (yours), but then I got kicked, because of my brother messed it up for us in Naxxramas. Even though how many times I had apologized, and I really meant it, and have explained his behaviour, and even apologized for his acting, you would not listen to me. And I am really sorry for that incidence. But I can guarantee that it has nothing to do with me at all, I just wanted to join my guild’s raid.


Can you raid at 19:15-00:00 everyday? if not what days can't you raid and why?: I can raid anytime you want me to.
Will you bring Pots/Flasks/Food/Other with you to all raids?: If needed I will definitely.
Do you have Ventrilo 3.0.1 as it is guild requirement to be on it during raid times: Yes I do.
Do have Deadlybossmods or Bigwigs installed ? Yes I do.
What spec is your computer / internet speed? I have a decent laptop that runs all fine for WoW, and my internet speed is pretty good.

For how long are you planning on playing this game? Well I feel like I am addicted to it right now, and I think I will keep playing it for a while, but let us see what time will show us.
What is it that you want to achive? I want to achieve to get better gears from raid and gain social relations to the others in guild. Well I want to achive many things in WoW.

Do you know anyone in the guild? I do know Hefax, and I have known him for some time now.
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a combat rogue want to rejoin
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