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A PvE Guild on Bloodfeather-EU
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PostSubject: Recruitment   Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:20 am

Classes we are currently accepting:
**Also note if your class is closed yet you feel you are exeptional at your class please feel free to post an applications.

Warrior [Closed]
Paladin [Open 1xholy]
Warlock [Open 2xwarlocks]
Druid [Open 1x Feral 2x resto]
Mage [Open 2x Fire]
Deathknight [Open 1x Tank & 2DPS]
Shaman [Open 1x Enhancement & Resto]
Hunter[Open 1x Hunter]
Rogue [Closed]
Priest [Open 1x Holy & Shadow Priest]

Raid rules for this Guild:
1) Make sure you repair b4 raid starts!

2) Make sure you bring Elixir/ flasks and Well Fed Food with you!

3) No1 leaves, say BRB just if you need to go to the toilet else you get
- DKP -> there are ppl waiting for you + slowing raid down! There will be a 10 min break in middle of the raid!

4) Make sure you are PvE spec when you Raid

5) If you leave in raidtime its -DKP
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